Bulgaria , H.E. Elena Poptodorova 
Ambassador Elena Popodtorova
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 New Zealand

Consul General Leon Griece





Deputy Prime Minister Zoran Straveski
Amb. Dr. Zoran Jolevski. Republic of Macedonia
  Ambassador Zoran Jolevski




Ambassador  Ashok Kumar Mirpuri:  " Singapore  Today" 

Bosnia Herzegovina

Ambassador Jadranka  Negodic: "Exchanging War for  Peace  and  Progress"




Ambassador Erlan Idrissov: “Democracy and Pipeline Politics: Will Kazakhstan Become the Most    Promiznent Player in Central Asia?”

  El Sel-salvador-flagalvador
Ambassador Rene Antonio Leon Rodriguez: “Democracy, Peace, Economic Stability: Successes and Challenges”

estonia  Estonia
Ambassador Vaino Reinart: “Estonia’s Economic Transformation”


us  US
Department of State, Peter Kovach: “Pakistan and U.S.: Are We Winning the Fight Aganist Terrorism?”

nicaragua  Nicaragua
Ambassador Arturo Cruz Sequeira Jr.: “Economic and Political Situations in Nicaragua”


thailand  Thailand
Thai Cultural Dinner: Featuring Consul General Boon-Long


indonesia  Indonesia

Ambassador Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat: Potency of Indonesia-U.S. Strategic Partnership Indonesia

nz  New Zealand

Ambassador Ferguson: New Zealand’s Globalization Efforts

bosnia  Bosnia Herzegovina

Ambassador Bisera  Turkovic: Rebuilding the Balkans Bosnia

spain  Spain

Ambassador Arias: An European Insider’s View of the United Nations Spain

us  US

Ambassador Dennis Ross – Statecraft

Sudan and Zimbabwe - Africa Summit 

Ambassador Mapuranga  of  Sudan and Ambassador Ukec Amb. of Zimbabwe,

safrica  South Africa

Deputy Consul General Alan G. Moore – Political Change in South Africa

israel  Israel

Consul General Ehud Danoch – Olmert, Rice and the Arab Leaders: Hope for Peace in the Middle East Israel

chile   Chile

Ambassador Mariano Fernandez – Perspectives on Chile in the 21st Century: Chile’s Position in the Americas

palestine  Palestine

Permanent Mission in Washington representant  Afif Safieh – Hamas and Fatah Agree on Unity Government

japan  Japan

Consul General Kazuo Kodama from Japan – The Korea Crisis: What Does It Mean For The US?

india  India

Ambassador Sen – India: The Rising Power

afg  Afghanistan

Ambassador Said Jawad – Afghanistan: Present and Future

Rebuilding the Middle East: On the Road to Peace & Paths to New Markets Moderated by John Donvan of ABC NEWS

Featuring Honorable Robert S. Ford, US Ambassador to Algeria
Honorable William T. Monroe, US Ambassador to Bahrain
Honorable Thomas T. Riley, US Ambassador to Morocco
Honorable Michele J. Sison, US Ambassador to United Arab Emirates
Senior Commercial Service Officers
Mr. Amer Kayani, Senior Commercial Officer, Lebanon
Mr. Nasir Abbasi, Senior Commercial Officer, Saudi Arabia
Mr. Rick Ortiz, Senior Commercial Officer, Morocco
Mr. Christian Reed, Senior Commercial Officer, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain

azba  Azerbaijan

Consul Elin Suleymanov – Azerbaijan U.S. Politics, Oil and the Future.

lebanon  Lebanon

Hon. Consul of Lebanon, Jean-Claude Turquieh – Lebanon at Crossroads, Aladdin restaurant.

tunisia  Tunisia

Ambassador  Mohamed Nejib Hachana – “50th Anniversary of Tunisia – U.S. Relations: A Model in North Africa”

us US

Ambassador Edward Peck – The Middle East – Today and Tomorrow.

us US

Brig. General John Custer – Security situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, building of Iraqi security forces, progress in regional      democratic reform, and challenges ahead.

france  France 

Ambassador Jean-David Levitte

siria  Syria

Ambassador Dr. Imad Moustapha

china  China

Chinese Consul General, Chinese

Jeffery Davidow, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico

germany  Germany

Ambassador Wolfgang Ischinger

philipines  Philippines

Ambassador  Albert del Rosario,

us US Ambassador Richard Boucher Democracy as a Foreign Policy