It is our great pleasure and honor to announce a new joint venture in cultural diplomacy and education between the AMBASSADORIAL ROUNDTABLE and the ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS & SCIENCES© Student Academy Awards Executive Committee member LAWRENCE DAVID FOLDES.

Our Cultural Diplomacy program is proud to offer an exclusive and unique series of intensive workshops for directors and producers who want to learn and perfect the vocabulary, methodology, skills, techniques of directing actors and action for the camera. Our programs are hosted by award-winning director/producer/writer Lawrence David Foldes showcasing the Motion Picture Academy’s choice of national and international student films and filmmakers.

By bringing these works to the global community, it acquaints film students and audiences with these new young talents, as well as with the Academy and its programs. The presentation of previous winning films from the Annual Student Academy Awards (as well as worthy submissions which almost made the finals) is followed by an open forum and discussion about the closed-door intricacies of the Academy’s selection process and voting procedure.

Participants will have the opportunity to hear and discuss the reasons behind why certain films make the grade, and why others don’t, directly from one of the long-standing members of the Student Academy Awards Executive Committee, the team that makes the rules and procedures for all Student Academy Awards, as well as the final selections of the Foreign Film Nominees.

Past SAA winners include directors Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Cast Away), Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing, Mo’Better Blues), Trey Parker (South Park) and John Lasseter, who is the only person to win Gold Medal Student Academy Awards two years in a row (1979 and 1980). Lasseter went on to receive a nomination for his screenplay for Toy Story and won an Oscar© for "his inspired leadership of the Pixar 'Toy Story' team, resulting in the first feature-length computer-animated film."

David Foldes is an award-winning Director-Writer-Producer with over 30 years of experience raising funds, producing, directing, and overseeing the distribution of his nine feature films which include several cult classics. He is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and serves on the Executive Committee of the Student Academy Awards. He is the Executive Director and Founder of the ‘Independence Film Fest of Colorado’ the highest film festival in the world, and the nation’s only statewide film festival. Lawrence has been a popular instructor at the Maine Media Workshops since 1990.

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USPA NEWS - During the past eight days around 160 films from over 50 countries were on display at the Munich FilmFest 2014. Multiple Oscar winners, directors, starlets, film producers, the Munich-based fashion designer and filmmaker Willy Bogner, adorned the Red Carpet in the fashionable Hofbräuhaus city.

Munich opened its star studded 2014 Film Fest with " The Map of My Dreams honoring Jean-Pierre Jeunet 's who is known for such unconventional works like "Delicatessen" and of course "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain". The Film Festival was chosen by the Ambassadorial Roundtable's VIP European events selection, challenging fierce competition for cultural and artistic recognition.The main roles in the 3D movie are played by Helena Bonham Carter and the young, talented, Kyle Catlett. The story is about the 10-year-old genius TS Spivet (Catlett), who sets off on his own to accept the prestigious Baird Award bestowed upon him by the Smithsonian for his exceptional work and talent . The setting of "The Map of My Dreams" seems like a Kodak picture; lush green meadows, a vintage blue sky, idyllic landscape, a red house, a barn and a clothesline.

Adorable, brilliant, 10-year-old TS, who spent his childhood on an idyllic ranch in the middle of Montana, makes from the most mundane things incredible experiments, visualized in drawings and maps. His family is quite different. T.S’s father, a cowboy, vehemently rejects modernity, seemingly born 100 years too late. His older sister Gracie, annoyed with her family, dreams of someday becoming a star, or at least Miss America. Layton, T.S’s. twin brother, the perfect contrast: he has less brains than muscles, is through and through an outdoorsman and therefore his father's favorite. His strongest connection is his mother, Fachtermina who speaks constantly in Latin, and is equally eccentric

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Bavarian Minister Seehofer & Diana Iljine Source: Ina von Ber












When you think of St. Moritz, sun baked ski slopes and mountain elegance initially come to mind rather then world class jazz and top notch musicians. Remarkable how this beautiful mountain village 1900 meters above sea level, has developed into one of the great epicenters for European jazz festivals.

Since 2007, each July and August, Rolf Sachs’ famous Dracula Club turns into a gracious host to rising starlets and international jazz stars. Musicians meet here in a cozy, 150 seat, intimate galleria, enjoying up close and personal concerts of jazz-funk, jazz-soul, swing, boss-nova, bebop, post-bop to blues and gospel. This year 50 international jazz sensations such as Al Jerrau, Jose James, Lizz Wright, Ivan Lins, Diane Reeves, Bobby McFerrin, Candy Dulfer and Kyle Eastwood to name but a few, flocked to St.Moritz to perform in this superb venue.

The local community and international partners embrace and support Jenny’s vision whole heartedly with attendance and generous sponsorships. Hotels such as the Kulm, Hauser, Schweizer Hof and Laudinella become as engaged as large icorporations such as Bucherer, Lexus and Bilanz. For good reason. The jazz event not only brings music to the ears, but also attracts tourists to the mountain village.

While the Festival Da Jazz echoes mainly during the summer month through the Engadine, oldies, rock and roll, country, soul, blues, top 40 and classical music enchant tourists and villagers all year long. Musicians with great talent, longstanding careers, who performed around the world are no rarity in this lovely mountain town



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