President of Slovenia Borut Pahor, President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen, Mrs. Doris Schidauer, European Commissioner Johannes Hahn, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic September 2018

President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen, President of Slovenia of Borut Pahor, President and CEO of Ambassadorial Roundtable Dr. Ina von Ber September 2018

President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci September 2018











Nasir Abbasi, Saudi Arabia, Consul General of Israel Ehud Danoch with Dean of USD Patrick Drinan, William T. Monroe, US Amb. to Bahrain, Robert S. Ford, US Amb. to Algeria, Amb. of Bosnia Herzegovina Bisera Turkovic                


Dr. Ina von Ber                          President & CEO

The Ambassadorial Roundtable was founded 2005 as an international diplomatic and trade program which, upon request of the City of San Diego and in collaboration with the Mayor's office, rapidly evolved into a global organization focused on connecting business leaders, investment capital, academia, cybersecurity, IT, and economic resources to international governments.  The organization has quickly established a reputation as a trusted convener with proven ability to facilitate trade, advance cybersecurity cooperation, create international job opportunities, foster collaboration  between international academic institutions, cut time and business costs by maintaining close global relationships with foreign governments and orchestrating meetings with high level business executives to obtain sustainable goals set by industry.



The Ambassadorial Roundtable:

(1) Hosts foreign diplomatic and business delegations and organizes exclusive private meetings between high-level foreign diplomats and business leaders, stakeholders, opening up new investment and trade opportunities in the areas of cybersecurity, IT, IoT, defense, healthcare, academia, defense, pharmaceuticals, clean-tech, and climate change. (2) Establishes successful connections between international academic institutions creating global program initiatives and educational exchange opportunities. (3) Advances in global cultural cooperation in arts, film, music, and sports. (4) Exposes major industry breakthroughs and covers exclusive domestic and international news/events/conferences through close media partnerships  ( editorial status). (4) Fosters social responsibility and education by engaging diplomats with underprivileged high-school students, discussing foreign affairs. (5) Offers self-paced continuing and executive education opportunities focused on International Diplomacy/Business/Cultural Diplomacy/Leadership. (6) Forms partnerships with leading universities creating unique internship opportunities in international affairs, business, journalism, and marketing. (7) Fosters cross-cultural understanding and knowledge by organizing business networking roundtables, cultural dinners, academic programs, and exclusive members-only programs. (8) Supports domestic and international NGOs and select private sector organizations through donations and/or extensive media coverage ( Swiss Red Cross (Switzerland), Innocence in Danger (France), Veterans of America (USA), Munich Film Festival (Germany).


The World Diplomatic Forum, the Ambassadorial Roundtable's annual conference, follows the Davos Economic Forum which takes place in  Switzerland every January. It brings together over 200 international diplomats and CEOs with vast economic, political and academic networks working closely together on advances in international cybersecurity, healthcare, banking, defense /diplomacy, education, tourism, clean-tech, bio-pharm. Valuable business relationships and friendships are formed while impacting key global diplomacy issues. The only existing international cybersecurity agreement was ratified during the 2014 WDF, whereby all participating countries agreed to collaborate in case of a denial of service attack (DNS).


Dr. Ina von Ber serves as President and CEO of the Ambassadorial Roundtable & World Diplomatic Forum. Prior to her appointment, she served as President of two World Affairs Councils (NGOs), CEO of Club Le Monde (Global Manufacturing Company), President of the La Jolla Institute (Healthcare Organization) Senior Assessor for Hewlett Packard. During her career, she has advised and spearheaded many large-scale global investment operations, international educational and diplomacy programs.  Dr.von Ber is an internationally recognized public speaker on topics such as international business, entrepreneurship, foreign relations and cultural diplomacy, author of several books and serves as faculty at UCSD, SDSU and Pepperdine University.

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