We are dedicated to helping advance and implement policies curbing pollution to ensure clean energy for vulnerable communities. Our focus is on four strategic areas: advancing climate policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; transforming the energy sectors that are the primary source of pollution; cutting the most potent pollutants, such as methane; and seizing time-sensitive opportunities to achieve large-scale emission reductions.We are supporting cutting-edge efforts to modernize the energy system and advance efforts to reduce leaks from oil and gas infrastructure to reduce waste of natural gas and methane emissions.
Our commitment is to:
Protect and restore our environment to improve the well-being of all communities
Share your experience with our community
Help us raise awareness through lectures and webinars
Promote access to research and technology in clean energy
Sustainable and affordable transportation systems
Reduce environmental impact on cities
Improve water quality and fresh water supplies

For more information about our programs please contact: Mark Blaness