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Science Po University, Paris, France & Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

My name is Annemarie Vogelberg and I am a student in a French-German social and political sciences degree at Sciences Po Paris in Nancy and the Freie Universität Berlin. Having grown up in Germany and the UK respectively and having studied in France for the past two years, I speak all three languages fluently and enjoy communicating with people from different cultures. Although my course is focused on European politics, I would also like to broaden my insight into transatlantic relations. I have an interest in working towards sustainable social and economic change especially concerning development, education and climate, which was reinforced through past experiences in Malawi and Haiti. I thoroughly enjoy networking and debating current challenges with people of different backgrounds in order to find open-minded solutions. This in combination with my enthusiasm to take initiative and organize events convinces me that the Ambassadorial Roundtable and World Diplomatic Forum is an excellent place to use and expand my knowledge and skills. I look forward to working as part of a motivated team in an unprecedented time that calls for pivotal change towards the virtual structuring of the organization.


Jacob Moore
Harvard University
Major: Government

My name is Jacob Moore and I am a student at Harvard University studying Government. My passion for foreign cultures and international relations has led me to study the political systems of different countries and study abroad in Japan. I am particularly interested in how people build strong international relationships and look forward to the opportunity to come up with new ideas to adapt to the unprecedented changes to the international landscape. I also think that my experience with managing events will allow me grow and learn with the Ambassadorial Roundtable. In my spare time, I enjoy discussing film, practicing kendo, learning new languages, and attempting to teach myself data analysis techniques.


Celine Cojocar
Sciences Po University, Paris, France & Freie Universität Berlin, Germany Major: Social & Political Sciences

My name is Celine Cojocar and I am currently studying Social and Political Sciences in a double-degree between Sciences Po Paris and the Freie Universität Berlin, with a major in Sociology and Economics.  My career goal is to work in International Development and to dedicate myself to the cause of greater justice and equal opportunities, be it through research, working for an NGO or focusing on economical development. I admire most about the Ambassadorial Roundtable that the organization assumes social responsibility and have already created so many great projects to promote cultural exchange, something I am very passionate about. I speak 4 languages and have proficiency in two additional. In my free time I enjoy volunteering, debating, photography and painting.


Marin Solter

Intern Fall2020 : Marin Solter, University of Sheffield, UK B.A. Politics & Philosophy (with Honors)

My name is Marin Solter and I have just completed my undergraduate degree, studying Politics and Philosophy at the University of Sheffield in the UK, as well as an exchange year at the Australian National University in Canberra. In pursuing my degree, and the jobs that come after it, I was always motivated by the wish to do some meaningful work in the fields of public policy, environmental security, and international cooperation. As these goals are closely aligned with that of the Ambassadorial Roundtable, I look forward to surrounding myself with likeminded people in a practical, working setting provided by the Ambassadorial Roundtable team, as I believe that we can both use and grow our skills whilst working on relevant and important issues.

2020-21 Internship Applications 

We are now accepting internship applications for 2020-21.

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